How many colours are used in a screen print on a t shirt?

At National Sings and Flags in Geelong we work with you to determine the number of screen printed colours you need to make your T Shirt and clothing designs look great and stay within your budget.

Often a single colour design is all that is needed for a strong image and it is the most cost effective solution for getting your T Shirts or clothing screen printed.

An example is this Black Screen Print on a white T Shirt:

1 Colour Print

By adding some coloured highlights with a second screen printed colour, the details in the design become highlighted and the lettering becomes more prominent:

This is a 2 Colour Black and Blue Screen Print on a white T Shirt:


2 Colour Print

On Dark Garments, three colours may be necessary to achieve the same type of effect

An example is this Black, White and Blue Screen Print on a black T Shirt:3 Colour Print

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