A-Frame Boards are commonly seen on footpaths outside a retail store grabbing the attention of the passing traffic. Our A-Frames are strong, durable products built to with stand the weather.

A-Frame Boards or Displays and named after there shape. The self supporting stand can be both double or single sided. Normally an A-Frame display board area is 900 x 600mm in size, however they can be custom made to suit your needs.

A-Frames are commonly used on footpaths to highlight businesses who may not have a shop front eg, sitting within an arcade of shops. A-Frames are designed to be easy to carry with the handle placed at the top of the frame. They are also weather proof, the frame is made from steal finished in any colour you require, but “off the shelf” the frame is painted black. If you want to change the message on the A-Frame board regularly you can have a blackboard or a white board instead of graphics.

A-Frame Boards are commonly used for:

  • Retail Store Specials
  • Factory Outlet Advertising
  • Tourist Destinations Promotions
  • Open Now
  • Daily messages on blackboard
  • Promoting Services
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Open & Closed Times

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