Flags stand out for two reasons, firstly they are often moving in the wind which tends to grab your attention. Secondly because of their shape they are often positioned in prominent spots eg. top of a building or building entrance.

Wing Tip and Tear Drop Flag/Banner Styles:

The Wing Tip and Tear Drop flag styles are not only lightweight and easy to manage, but they are also really easy to assemble!  Delivered with collapsible poles, our printed teardrop flags are so easy to set-up. Each of our flag poles are made using lightweight & ultra strong “carbon composite” material to ensure they resist tough Australian weathers.

Each flag system has a number of bases you can choose from, these include: Cross Feet & Water Bag, Ground Spike, Metal Plate, Tyre Mount and Wall Mount (45 & 90 degree angle options). Please ask us and we’ll show you the options which will best suit how you’ll use the flags.

Double Sided

We can make the Wing Tip and Tear Drop double sided, this is achieved by printing two separate sides, placing a block-out material between the two layers and then sewing around the edges to stitch the three layers together.

Our wingtip and teardrop flags include artwork service, flag poles and carry bags. We usually ask for six working days from your artwork approval to finished product. Prices depend on sizes and quantity and are very competitive, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Flag/Banner Styles:


Wingtip Flags

Prices depend on sizes and quantity but are very competitive.  A single 2000×650mm flag including artwork, pole and carry bag is $185.

  • 4200 x 805mm
  • 3000 x 700mm
  • 2000 x 650mm


Tear Drop Flags/Banners

Our Teardrop Flags/Banners also come in three different sizes. They come with a pole and a carry bag.

  • 1850 x 750mm
  • 2760 x 1008mm
  • 3927 x 1054mm

Custom Flag Manufacturing

National Signs and Flags have been making flags in Geelong since 1999. Because we print and manufacture our flags on-site in Geelong we are able to offer a greater variety of flag products. We supply everything from the poles, flag design, printing and construction. We use good quality Australia fabrics, our flags are used in the toughest environments and out last our competitors. Our turn around for flag manufacturing is also very efficient.

We provide full artwork services and can help with ideas about colours, styles, fonts and sizes.  Because we make the flags locally we have full control over all aspects of your flag. The standard size for a traditional flagpole hung flag is 1800 x 900mm, but we can make the flag to suit your custom size. The maximum width of the flag is 2500mm with the length being almost unlimited. Our specially treated flag material comes off a roll and is fed into our direct to garment printer.

Flag Maintenance Tip

To get the longest life out of your flag we tell our customers that wind alone or rain alone is okay. But when your flag gets really wet on those really windy days they can be damaged very quickly   Where possible we encourage people to bring their flags in on very wet and windy days.

Custom Flag Size Variations:

National Signs & Flags can create flags/banners up to 2500mm in width, but with a length which is almost unlimited. eg. 30 metres.

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